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Fully Managed Affinity

Creating a large, valuable selection of amazing benefits is now easier than ever. GKM works on your behalf to negotiate deals and...

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Subscription Management

GKM provides Chambers of Commerce with the ability to create and manage membership subscriptions. Simply create and price packages that fit your...

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Inter Chamber Marketplace

Concourse DVM features an e-commerce solution that connects Chambers from across the country into a marketplace where members can connect with, sell...

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ICC Inter Chamber Communication

Picture a hub and spoke where your group is the hub.  Smaller groups are the spokes.  Communicate important content, messages or announcements...

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AS Auto Subscribe

What if prospects could easily understand the value of membership and join your association in only minutes?  Concourse allows new members to...

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NDR Non Dues Revenue

With Concourses affinity programs when a member subscribes, several of the programs can generate additional non dues revenue to your group.

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Concourse DVM + Your Businesss Association: The world’s most powerful small business subscription.

For over 2 years, we’ve carefully researched the state of today’s business associations to understand how best to position this invaluable institution to provide the greatest possible value to America’s small businesses. Currently, small businesses make up approximately 75% of business association members, but business associations like Chambers of Commerce across the country are struggling to remain relevant.

GKM is working to future-proof Chambers and other associations by placing the technology and resource they need within their reach. Our Concourse DVM platform makes it easy for any business association to boost revenues by dramatically increasing the value of membership with our fully managed affinity program and features like benefits management, subscription management, and the Inter Member Marketplace (IMM) – the first e-commerce solution designed to facilitate communciations and transacactions between association members.


Getting started is easy and our Concourse DVM platform is entirely license free. Within minutes your association can combine networking, education, and advocacy with the amazing features of Concourse DVM to create “America’s most powerful small business subscription.”

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Fifteen minutes to future-proof…

In as little as fifteen minutes, your association can private label Concourse and begin offering enhanced value to your members. Onboarding is easy and Concourse DVM is entirely license free. Click “Learn More” to get started. LEARN MORE