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No longer out of reach.

With few exceptions, we found that business associations across America are struggling to remain relevant. The fast changing, dynamic, digital economy has made offering more and better value to business association members a must, but association resources – money, people, time – are already stretched thin. Executives know what needs to be done, but feel that the technology and administrative resources they need to evolve are simply out of reach. No longer…

GKM has developed the Concourse Dynamic Value Management (DVM) platform to place the technology, benefits, and other resources business associations need within reach. In fact, Concourse DVM is entirely license free and takes only minutes to begin using. Each association gets its very own, private labeled interface. Your business association can personalize Concourse to immediately begin offering amazing benefits, subscriptions membership options, and access to the world’s first Inter-Member Marketplace where members can connect with, sell to, and buy from other association members around the country. When your members pay subscription dues, purchase benefits, and transact on the IMM, your association gets paid.

On a mission.

To create Concourse DVM, we carefully analyzed the data, interviewed dozens of association executives, surveyed hundreds of current, past, and prospective members, and surveyed the marketplace to establish trends. We determined that the only way to truly future-proof today’s business association was to build on its amazing heritage of networking and advocacy by offering an easy to use, “bolt-on” technology that immediately enhances value. Our goal? To work with business associations across the country to create something truly undeniable – America’s most powerful small business subscription.

Meet the Team

The GKM team is absolutely committed to building the best possible solution to provide business associations with the tools they need to more than evolve and thrive, but to become undeniable.


Boyd Stough

USAF Special Operations veteran, owner at Espy Revenue, and partner at Omnia Partners LLC, Boyd has an established track record of developing systems and solutions that streamline operations, reduce organizational stress, and boost revenues.


Billie Attaway

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, twice placed on the Inc. 500, and CEO at Read Aloud Technologies, Billie is a successful serial entrepreneur with enormous experience starting and growing businesses and non-profits.


Colin Schmidt

CEO of Wisebox Solutions, Colin has successfully managed 100s of custom software development projects over two decades, ranging in size from small business solutions to complete enterprise resource planning and management systems.

Fifteen minutes to future-proof.

Concourse is license free, risk free, and easy to use. Try it today. Click “Get Started” to join or email us at Get Started